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Vancouver Island’s Most Reliable Industrial, Commercial, Mechanical and Insulation Contractor Since 1969

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About B.C Thermal Applicators

B.C. Thermal Applicators is a full-service insulation company founded in 1969.  We pride ourselves in being part of the BCICA, VICA, and Insulators International Union Local 118. B.C. We are an insulation company providing industrial, mechanical and commercial pipe and thermal duct insulation. Our insulation techniques are an effective way to reduce heating and cooling cost, inhibit material degradation and reduce noise and pollution.


We provide industrial thermal applications in facilities such as dams, water treatment, effluent plants and pulp mills.


The work that is done in hospitals, schools, commercial buildings and retirement complexes is achieved by using a thermal application technique to insulate heating systems, air conditioning and heat and cold pipe systems. These techniques help create a temperature-controlled environment for commercial spaces.


With the cost of heating and cooling on the rise, thermal insulation provides a safe system to prevent unnecessary energy consumption on maintaining equilibrium in machinery.  This will result in lower operating accosts as well as reduce the environmental impact from energy usage.


All types of specified insulation, finishing products, hot and cold application to the following:

  • Domestic hot and cold piping
  • Hydronic heating systems
  • Gycol hot and cold systems
  • Storage tanks and equipment
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Thermal ductwork systems
  • Marine applications

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